Project Box Ideas

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  1. April

    Hey Autum, what great ideas! We recently put together a craft box for my three-year old son and I love a lot of your suggestions, we’ve got to get some straws in it.

    Our inspiration was a book that we found at the library Gizmos and Gadgets I’m not particularly crafty so we hadn’t done much along those lines and when he asked, I started looking for projects of some variety and most of them seemed to really cater to girls attention spans and interests. This book is great for boys, your craft project makes something that moves and does something. His favorite is a big box around which a marble run is fashioned. Then there is a milk carton boat that has a rubber-band twist up rudder. It’s been a big hit.

    While it’s pitched as a learn about science book, my son is a little young for that, he just loves the fact that the stuff moves and involves boy type themes (crocodiles, boats, etc). I don’t think there are any cute horses or cats or soft hearts in the whole book.

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