Allowance Update

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2 Responses to “Allowance Update”

  1. Hilary

    I haven’t caught-up with your allowance ideas, but my dad (Mr. Economics) always said this was our share of the proceeds of being a family. It was never required that we did jobs in order to get it — but it was required that we do jobs in order to coexist as a family. I guess he didn’t want money tied to the fact that even if we were dirt poor and couldn’t afford allowance, there were still jobs we had to do to make our family run. However, he did give us options (esp. during the summer) to earn extra money but doing big jobs around the house, or helping him at school. Are you making your kids split theirs into savings/fun, etc?

  2. autumn

    Oh yes, they have to split into to long-term savings (i.e. you’re not gonna see this until you’re 19), tithing, and then spending. For their spending, they have to decide if they want to save up for something or spend it. So far, they’re been opting for spend it. Anya buys herself a 6 hour sugar high every Saturday. It’s lovely. Really.

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