A Pet Peeve

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  1. Adrienne

    This drives me crazy, too! I remember dreading doing things like this when I was a shy kid. Luckily, our kids’ school doesn’t allow door-to-door sales. That makes me a happy mama.

  2. Tiffany

    I could not agree more. If it’s any consolation, they do that here in Ohio, too.

  3. George

    Speaking as a Kindergarten Teacher at a school that does some of these things, it upsets the teachers as well. I was livid when I found out not only are we expected to be at our school’s “Harvest”, not Halloween, “Harvest” fund raiser, we have to be the ones running the booths. Also, we the teachers are not allowed to say its a Halloween festival, yet we are ENCOURAGED to wear costumes. I am frustrated that we, the teachers, are expected to support and build up these gimmicks. (I am also bitter that it cuts into my personal time without being reimbursed-time, money, SOMETHING) Our school is also doing box tops-once a month they glamorize if you bring in so many box tops, you get to wear jeans. Now all the kids whose parents buys store brand things are left out of this “special treat”.

  4. HeatherK

    I am bracing for that in the years ahead. I’m so glad the preschool only does 1 fundraiser a year (coupon book) and totally no pressure. You think by now they would know they need X dollars beyond the school budget for misc. stuff. I feel like such a fuddy duddy thinking, well, when I was a kid, we played tag or soccer, yk?

    You’re right though, the most annoying part is going through the kids. Just think what they could do w/ volunteer hours that went to the kids and not to putting on fundraisers!

  5. Hilary

    Thankfully, our schoo just says we’d really like 100$ per family (plus our classroom donation, which varies depending on their grade). They say what it’s paying for and I decide how much those things are worth to me and pay that amount. 🙂

  6. Jenelle

    I loved loved loved this post Autumn!! This is exactly how I feel as well. I’m so tempted to go back to Kids Village because at least I know what my monthly payment is going for–QUALITY education. And the fundraisers they do are always for people in need, so my kid is at least learning to be self-less.

  7. valerie

    I see why you are frustrated. Since I am not involved with the public school (aside from paying my taxes to a system we don’t and probably never will use as we homeschool), I only see this from a viewer’s perspective but I see many a mother at church or other places who are frustrated with selling things, asking their friends over and over to buy overpriced items for what is really little reward for them or their kids. Not to mention, there are a few I’ve encountered who also frustrate me by not even gracing my purchase with a “thank you,” I can assure you I won’t be buying next time.

    But I think you have the right attitude about it all. There’s only so much you can do!

  8. Mellie33

    Amen Sister,

    What you probably don’t know, is how much of this money is actually reaching the school (very little). Most of your money for magazine subscriptions, gift wrapping and other stuff goes to the marketing companies. The schools allow them in because A. They need the money, and B. It does not require much work on the part of the administration.

    I only support fund raising efforts in which the school (or whatever organization) receives 100% of the profits.

    Thanks for posting this!

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